Membership in ELHUA

Benefits for underwriters and claims assessors

Improving your underwriting and claims skills will not only increase your job satisfaction, but will also create more valuable for your employers. A skilled underwriter or Claims assessor makes more accurate decisions, with fewer referrals and is often able to make decisions on less evidence than less experienced colleagues.

By giving underwriters and claims assessors a better understanding of rating methodology and the reason for particular decisions, it will also increase your confidence and ability to explain desisions to applicants or their agents.


Benefits for employers

Well trained underwriters and claims assessors are essential for accurate risk assessment and therefore, the  long term profitability of your insurance company. Good underwriters and claim assessors protect your company in 4 key ways:

  • Reduction of excessive and unnecessary evidence which not only saves on medical fees but also leads to higher issue rates.
  • Reduction in business lost due to inaccurate or harsh desisions.
  • Reduction in loss making decisions.
  • Improving your Team´s ability to explain and sell decisions increases agent and client satisfaction and thereby reducing complaints.

Investment in underwriter training is self-financing, with well trained underwriters and claim assessors  being more efficient, they require less counter signing or second opinions on cases, which speeds up assessment time and reduces cost.

How to join

If you would like to join ELHUA or would like to enroll a colleague or friend, please contact a committee member for details.