John Eil

John is the Chief Underwriter of the DKV Luxembourg SA (private health insurer in Luxembourg).

He has been working in the health insurance sector for more than 20 years and has a wealth knowledge of Underwriting and Claims in the health insurance sector.

In the nineties John started to work in the claims service department of a private health insurer in Germany and after nearly four years he moved to the claims management department where he was responsible for treatment methods and contract reassessment cases. In 2006 he changed internally to IT-Project, where he worked as trainer and later as trainer instructor and was responsible for the planning and implementation of the training of nearly 1.200 claims employees of the company on the new IT system.

In 2007 John moved to Seoul (South Korea) to work on a market launch project for private health insurance in South Korea.

Since 2008 John now works for the DKV Luxembourg SA. He started as the Head of the Underwriting and policy administration department and since 2016 he is the Chief Underwriter of the Company.